Frequently Asked Questions about Geniuze

Geniuze is a natural energy source created by the professional Geniuze Team. Our goal is to provide people clean and healthy alternatives for unhealthy energy drinks. We wanted to create a formula which would support people in every aspect of life. We researched and looked for the best ingredients for several years until one of our scientists jelled “Heureka!” Geniuze Gaming fits perfectly for gamers, who are craving for abilities like enchanted reaction time, focus and mental clarity. Geniuze Relax is our carefully crafted compound for students and workers who see value in productivity. Geniuze Sleep is meant for everyone regardless of your status in life. Without a good night's sleep you can’t perform well. In fact one of the greatest health epidemics in the 2000 century is sleep deprivation which causes many illnesses, like Alzheimer, cancer, dementia and diabetes. Geniuze Sleep formula helps you to fall asleep faster and it improves the quality of sleep. 

Yes it does. People from around the world are taking the advantage of the Geniuze supplements. Today's world is full of competition and the smallest advantage could be the critical factor to your success. Our most common clients are gamers, students and working class people – but the list goes on as many CEO:s and entrepreneurs are also starting to notice the difference in life with Geniuze supplements. 

Geniuze supplements should start to effect in 20-30 minutes and last even for 8 hours! Imagine, if you would take a Geniuze product and perform better the whole day – what a difference it would make in a few weeks... Also imagine as a gamer that you would just need one pill to perform better for hours – energy drinks won’t unfortunately provide the same effect. And the best in all? You don’t have to worry about the ENERGY CRASH!

Geniuze supplements are made from natural ingredients. Our products are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. If you have more questions, please contact your doctor for more information.

Our product might not be the cheapest option, but the quality is often served with better results. If a couple of dimes can improve your life, would it be worth it? Imagine the results you can get with a minor investment like this?

Would you like to know what the Geniuze products contain? Of course, that’s smart. We are proud of our products, so we share our labels as open as possible.

Zero – we don’t want to provide unhealthy alternatives. You deserve better than that. 

We suggest that you start with one pill per day per product. Geniuze supplements are effective and one pill should be enough to make the difference. Of course the optimal results come from combining Geniuze Gaming with Geniuze Sleep or Geniuze Sleep with Geniuze Relax. Sleep and learning goes hand in hand, so for the best results we suggest to take one Relax in the morning and Sleep one hour before bedtime. 

Geniuze is a supplement, not a drug. Unlike medications and drugs, which require approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements do NOT need to be FDA approved. However, you can rest assured knowing Geniuze products are manufactured in FDA-certified facilities and is 100% FDA compliant. These facilities are inspected by and adhere to the requirements of the United States FDA.

Visit Geniuze’s Shipping & Return Policy page.

We ship everywhere in the United States, and later also everywhere else in the world. 

Geniuze offers multiple coupons for new customers. The easiest way to get 10% off from the first sale happens by subscribing to our newsletter.(LINK) It provides useful information, which helps you to optimize your life. We also provide 

Geniuze is created by enthusiastic gamers and students who we’re tired of abusing unhealthy energy drinks as short term energy sources. We hope you love our product! 

Customer Testimonials

"I found Geniuze via Instagram and decided to try their fuel and rapid formula. I’m not a highly qualified player, but I play around platinum & Diamond elo in League of Legends. The competition is rough even at lower levels, so these products gave me the necessary advantage to climb up. Keep up the good work!"
Michael, 24, Illinois
"Quite expensive, but a very effective product. I would recommend it to gamers who play at least a few hours per day or want to get better faster."
Simon, 32, California
"High-action FPS-games like Call of Duty and CS require a massive amount of mental capacity, speed, and reflexes. Geniuze products ensure that I can perform at my best level. Gaming Fuel is my favorite because I tend to play at night time."
Edward, 21, Texas
"The shipping was super fast, and the products came only in 2 days. I'm a student from Iowa, and that's why I chose to try Geniuze Sleep and Relax. My focus has been a lot better, and the quality of sleep has improved according to my apple watch. I also feel more regenerated in the mornings. I can happily recommend it!"
Adam, 23, Iowa
"I'm not bullsh*tting, truly effective products. Geniuze Rapid provides an instant kick in energy levels, and that's why I love it!"
Travis, 19, Los Angeles
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